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Bringing your books alive

Every library needs to tempt students to look, touch and take the books off the shelves. This course will give you fresh ideas to merchandise your shelves, to target different age-groups, to reach reluctant readers and stretch the keen ones. Audit your power displays and pick up techniques to give them a new sizzle.


Was £95.00

£80.00 per place

Pay by invoice or by Paypal, credit or debit card.

4 hours online at times to suit you, plus 4 hours applying learning in the library.


Every learner receives individual feedback from an Opening the Book assessor to pass the course.

Course contents


Getting started
Taking time for the course
How to use the course
How your work is assessed

Part 1: How readers choose

Part 1: How readers choose
Observing reader behaviour
What readers see
The shopping experience
Face-forward display
Book covers to tempt browsers

Part 2 Choosing books to display

Part 2 Choosing books to display
Branding the subject
Focusing on the target audience
Choosing age-appropriate books
Accelerated Reader collections
Bringing books alive for reluctant readers
Stretching beyond the familiar choice

Part 3: Targeting promotions

Part 3: Targeting promotions
Sell the sizzle
Reader-centred themes
Power displays
Let the books do the work
Filling the gaps
Audit your power displays

Part 4: Merchandising the shelves

Part 4: Merchandising the shelves
Take a walk
Making space on the shelves
Display shelves
Displaying single titles
Solving the problems of on-shelf display
Merchandising skills in fiction

Part 5: Making an impact

Part 5: Making an impact
Putting it all into practice
Before and after
Merchandise one area of non-fiction
Record your results


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