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Playing your part in the library welcome

A fast, practical and enjoyable course in active customer-care skills, specific to libraries. This course will help everyone who works in a customer-facing role develop the skills and confidence to take responsibility for patron engagement - and not just sit behind a welcome desk. Suitable for both public and academic libraries.



$75.00 per place

Discounts on 20+ and 30+ places on any course

Entry level course


1 hour online per week over 4 weeks, plus time to test the ideas in your own workplace.


The learner completes self-assessment exercises online and posts contributions to the discussion board which is mediated by Opening the Book.

Course contents

Week 1: The Welcome

Week 1: The Welcome
What you will be doing
Your role in the library
Making a difference
Customer radar
First impressions
Practical work

Week 2: The Wow Factor

Week 2: The Wow Factor
Making the most of your library
The space worth a thousand words
Create a showcase
Picking books for a showcase
Rapid display skills
Practical work

Week 3: The Workaday

Week 3: The Workaday
Bringing the library alive
Offering helpful information
What is merchandising?
Merchandising coffee table books
Practical work

Week 4: The Win

Week 4: The Win
Build a routine
It’s a win
The quiz
Thank you


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