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Engaging students in reading

This course will help you understand student motivations and preferences and relate these to the day-to-day reading offer in your library. There are lots of practical ideas to get students involved from how to start conversations to how to set up a simple and fun whole-school reading activity. Peer recommendation is a great tool and the course includes attractive print downloads to get students sharing their reading experiences and making suggestions to each other.


Was £95.00

£80.00 per place

Pay by invoice or by Paypal, credit or debit card.

4 hours online at times to suit you, plus 4 hours applying learning in the library.


Every learner receives individual feedback from an Opening the Book assessor to pass the course.

Course contents


Taking time for the course
How to use the course
How your work is assessed

Part 1: Your job and your students

Part 1: Your job and your students
The balancing act
What is your job really like?
The power of reading
Comfort reading
Challenging reading
Sharing reading
Book of the Day

Part 2: Reader to reader promotion

Part 2: Reader to reader promotion
Your reading life
Making reading suggestions
Liked it / Hated it
Reading prejudices
What is a good read?
Reader to reader
Who’s reading what?

Part 3: Reading covers

Part 3: Reading covers
Decoding cover clues
Age appeal
Non-fiction covers
Opening up genre

Part 4: Getting students talking about books

Part 4: Getting students talking about books
Why your role matters
Starting conversations
Approaching readers
Getting the best from an interview
Quoting what young people say
Record your results
Using what you find out


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