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Inspire individual staff and whole library services

Library work across school, college and public libraries is changing and staff need new skills. It's no longer enough to provide a service passively; it's all about engaging students and customers and offering a richer experience.

Opening the Book courses will inspire individual staff and whole services to meet these challenges. 20,000 staff have taken our training courses in many different countries; courses gain 99% satisfaction ratings from users.

Proven skills development

Opening the Book courses are proven to increase skills and confidence for staff working in libraries. This is not tickbox training, it is embedded in everyday library work routines.

There's a great mix of online learning techniques combined with practical application of tasks in your own workplace. Interactive exercises, slideshows, quizzes – plus key in your thoughts as you go to make your personal record.

Measurable impact

140 staff took Intermediate level courses in a 3-year programme at Liverpool Libraries, UK. Their evaluation of staff experience found:

felt more confident talking to readers
understood how to target an audience for a book promotion
more confident to create and run a promotion in their library

Expert support

Online training can be lonely. Our staff are here to help. On Entry level courses, you will be part of a curated discussion board. On Intermediate courses, you will receive personal feedback on the work you submit. On Advanced courses you will have regular contact with a personal mentor.

All our courses are built and tested with real library staff in real library workplaces. Courses are managed in-house and any technical issues can be resolved immediately.

Unlimited access

Study at your own pace and pick up where you left off whenever suits. Complete your course at a time and place that fits in with your other commitments.

Courses are not time limited – get places set up, take a look, then enrol when you are ready to start. Access is not closed when you finish. You can revisit at any time to check out something you've forgotten, pick up on an idea you didn't get time to try – or just to refresh your thinking.

Affordable investment

Online training gives excellent value for money.
Cut out travel time and overheads associated with classroom-based learning.
We can advise on larger rollouts and undertake evaluative reports on the quality of learning.
Nothing else you can buy will give this impact in the workplace.


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