Joanne Springham

Customer Advisor, Erith Library, Bexley Libraries

Jo has completed work on four courses with personal feedback so far, and is currently tackling a fifth. Jo’s commitment to online learning is exemplary.  She has worked hard to overcome the barriers involved in remote working. Jo has demonstrated real insight into practical ways to use the range of the library collection to appeal to readers.  In every course Jo has come up with creative ideas about how to use what she has learned to help everyone find a good read in her library.

Whether it is coming up with new ways of talking about reading, fresh ways to display and merchandise the books in her library or auditing the gaps in the range of the collection, the quality of Jo’s work has been very strong. Her contributions to the wider sharing of ideas between learners on all the courses are always generous and very positive.

Jo’s passion for reading shines through everything she has done on these courses and it is evident that her strong commitment to keeping her library relevant and exciting for a wide audience of readers drives her work.  It’s been a pleasure to work with her.

Jo says, in response to the Merchandising the Bookshelves course, “I would say to do it as soon as you can on joining the library service. I think it will be a great way to help with confidence and understanding in the early days.”

If you want to contact Jo about her work on these courses you can contact her at:


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