Laura Farrant

Laura Farrant, Library Associate, Barrie Public Library, Ontario

Laura’s work on two courses, Dynamic Readers’ Advisory and Merchandising Library Shelves, has been very impressive.  She has taken the opportunities to apply the work to make a real difference for her library and her reading community.  Laura has been resourceful in using new ideas even though the pandemic has made doing so very difficult.

What makes Laura’s contribution so outstanding is her determination and commitment to apply the coursework to her practice and to use the learning as a platform to develop new approaches to her work.

Laura has a gift for creating imaginative and attractive displays and uses the range in the library collection to experiment with the best ways of getting books off the shelves and into the hands of readers.

Laura has a fundamental empathy with readers. She knows how to draw people into conversations about books and reading and to use what she hears to find something new and appealing to them.

Laura’s work on both courses demonstrated her determined, intelligent and analytical approach.  Her commitment, eloquence, openness and versatility makes her a star learner in our eyes and, we are sure, a great asset to her library team.

Laura says:

“I would most like to hear people saying that the library is their "happy place" - a place where the staff is friendly and helpful; where they can find great books and other resources.”


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