Lynne Goldie

Library Assistant, Central Library, Stirling Libraries.

Lynne used her time working from home during lockdown to take the course on Creating Powerful Promotions.  It’s not easy to take online training, especially when away from work, but Lynne did a wonderful job.

She used the opportunity to take a good look at how her library created and managed the promotion of books and used the course material to consider how she could make displays in her library work harder, feature a wider range of the collection and create something eye-catching and intriguing for browsers.

Lynn says:

“I really enjoyed this course, especially during this time when we are all away from work. It was really good to get back into looking through the library catalogue and making book choices again. I felt like I was back at work”

Lynne demonstrated how enthusiastic she is about her library and her job in the excellence of her contributions and her imagination and creativity in applying the ideas, even in difficult circumstances.

It’s clear that she will create vibrant, inviting and versatile displays to welcome her readers back again once libraries re-open.


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