Mark Kirkby

Communities Librarian, Leeds Libraries

Mark’s thoughtful and creative work on the Creating Powerful Promotions course was driven by a passion for helping readers discover something great to read and his broad knowledge of the collection.

Mark has developed creative and practical ideas for promoting books and targeting different groups of readers to tempt them to try something that’s new to them.  His careful and detailed analysis of effective ways of selecting and designing a tempting display is a valuable skill, especially while reduced browsing means that small displays must do the heavy lifting of ensuring that browsers can spot something quickly and easily.

Mark clearly shows in his work on the course what an eloquent, engaging and inspirational member of the library team he is. His curiosity about, and respect for,  his reading community is reflected in his ideas for opening up their choices and challenging their assumptions about what the library has to offer.  His contribution to the course was outstanding.

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