Rachel Laban

Assistant in Charge, Newbold Library. Derbyshire Libraries

The quality of the work that Rachel contributed on the Creating Powerful Promotions course was exceptionally high.  Rachel has used the course, and the time away from the day to day running of the library during lockdown, to grown her creative ideas and plan for the time her library will re-open.

Rachel really understands how to appeal to a wide variety of readers and persuade them to discover a great new read.  She also has an acute insight into how particular groups of readers must be feeling, having found reading as a new means of escaping imposed restrictions, never experienced before in their lives.  Rachel’s love of reading, her warmth and intelligence, her strong empathy for readers are integral to her work.  Rachel plans are meticulous and she can turn good ideas into practical and realistic projects.  

Her work on the course was well-researched, thorough, thoughtful and creative. Having worked online on this course, Rachel is determined to grow the popularity of the online library that has grown so much in popularity during lockdown.

Rachel says: “I think after a time with promoting to readers you can get stuck in a rut.. If we want to increase footfall and encourage customers to try a different book we need to be part of the process and promotions are essential to this Thinking about promotions when you have some quiet time does help with being more creative

“This is unputdownable –a great plot and an excellent read recommended to me by a customer.”


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