Secondary School Library Training Courses

Our school courses are packed with interactive learning which you can do at home. You can read through everything, reflect on your own experience, view slideshows of examples and build your display skills by putting book covers on virtual shelves. The tasks then involve trying out practical activities for different age-groups in school, supported by attractive print materials you can download. Use these fresh ideas to engage your students and establish the library at the heart of the school!

Courses are not time-limited so you can drop in and out as suits your circumstances.

Creating a welcoming school library

A fast, practical and enjoyable course to make a real difference to your library in just 4 weeks. You’ll learn how to manage key messages, control the environment and create a bit of ‘wow’ factor to tempt your students – and all without spending any money. Build a routine that you can use every day to be confident that your library always makes the very best impression.

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  • High schools
  • Self-assessed

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