Making space for reading

If you'd like to get a taste of the way Opening the Book online learning works, you can take a look at this complete mini-course which demonstrates the power of our approach.

  • You can read it through in 20 minutes or you can try out some of the ideas using the free graphic downloads.
  • It’s fun, it’s practical and it’s full of easy-to-implement ideas.
  • It is relevant to anyone working in a public or school library.

You can experience the course design:

  • Clear text with simple Next and Previous buttons to navigate.
  • Colorful illustrations.
  • Space to type in your own thoughts as you go along.
  • High-quality downloadable resources.
  • Interactive exercises which make learning enjoyable.

You can understand our approach to delivering a structured process to engage and embed learning:

  • Read and respond to new ideas and examples.
  • Practice a skill online with an interactive exercise.
  • Apply the idea in your own workplace.
  • Reflect on the outcomes of that experience.
  • Consider the potential to open out the learning across a wider area.

If you enjoy this taste of our approach, you can choose from a wide range of further courses specifically for elementary schools, high schools or public libraries.

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