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Creating a welcoming school library

A fast, practical and enjoyable course to make a real difference to your library in just 4 weeks. You’ll learn how to manage key messages, control the environment and create a bit of ‘wow’ factor to tempt your students – and all without spending any money. Build a routine that you can use every day to be confident that your library always makes the very best impression.


Was £50.00

£40.00 per place

Pay by invoice or by Paypal, credit or debit card.

4 hours online plus time to test out the ideas in your school library


The learner completes self-assessment exercises online.

Course contents

Part 1: The Welcome

Part 1:  The Welcome
The personal welcome
The physical welcome
First impressions
Practical work

Part 2: The Wow Factor

Part 2:  The Wow Factor
Making the most of your library
The space worth thousands
Create a showcase
Picking books for a showcase
Rapid display skills
Practical work

Part 3: The Workaday

Part 3: The Workaday
Bringing the library alive
Engaging with students
Connecting with colleagues
What is merchandising?
Merchandising graphic novels
Practical work

Part 4: The Win

Part 4: The Win
Bringing it all together
Build a routine
It’s a win
Thank you

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