Give your library a facelift

Does your library or book corner look exciting and tempting? Making the activity of reading attractive starts with creating the right environment – and our course brings you tips from design professionals. Even the youngest children are familiar with retail-style product presentation so it’s worth developing your display skills to keep your books looking good!

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4 hours online at times to suit you, plus time for classroom/library activities.
Every learner receives individual feedback from an Opening the Book assessor to pass the course.


Getting started
How to use the course

Part 1: Taking stock

Part 1: Taking stock
Setting the scene
Readers’ expectations
Libraries and bookstores
Library walkthrough

Part 2: Help the books to speak for themselves

Part 2: Help the books to speak for themselves
Standing up for the book
Face-forward display: freestanding units
Dress a Book Pod: 7-10s
Let the product be king
Face-forward display: on-shelf
Highlighting single titles on-shelf
Branding the shelves
Spine stickers and colour charts
Rescue a book

Part 3: Getting it right for readers

Part 3: Getting it right for readers
Location, location, location
Eye level is buy level
Less is more
Displaying reading scheme/guided reading books

Part 4: Creating your own display

Part 4: Creating your own display
Making it happen
Dress a Book Pod: 10-12s
Good and bad practice
Doing it for real: making a display
Feedback task: making a display
Maintaining the look
Spread the word
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