Talking with Patrons about Books

What do you say when someone asks you for a good read? A practical course to get you more comfortable with starting book conversations and more confident in making reading suggestions.  You don’t have to be a big reader yourself, or have lots of book knowledge; it’s all about learning to listen and using your patrons as a creative resource.

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For librarians, library associates, library technicians
4 hours online plus time to test out the ideas.
The learner completes self-assessment exercises online and posts contributions to the discussion board which is mediated by Opening the Book.

Part 1: Who wants to talk?

Part 1: Who wants to talk?
What you will be doing
Your role in the library
The value of the library service
What do readers want?
Approaching customers
Conversation openers
Practise with a colleague
Practical work

Part 2: Got any good books?

Part 2: Got any good books?
Making suggestions
Likes and dislikes
Reading grooves
I’m looking for a good read
Knowing what’s available
Judging the cover
Age appeal
Moving into non-fiction
Hunting the experience

Part 3: Where and when to talk

Part 3: Where and when to talk
Being comfortable, feeling safe
Finding places to talk in the library
Listening well
Writing it down
Building a routine
Finding opportunities at events
Visiting a book group

Part 4: Sharing what readers say

Part 4: Sharing what readers say
Spreading the words
Starting a buzz in the library
Be a reading activist
Measuring the impact you have
The quiz
Thank you

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