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Animating the collection


Understanding the purpose and techniques of everyday merchandising is essential to the contemporary library. Which books should we promote and why? How can we present the books so that visitors find them easily and enjoy the experience of choosing? We can learn a lot from retail experts but we also need to think about how we differ from commercial stores. This course will help you to introduce new dynamic practice, build a strategy and gain staff support to implement techniques which will get your stock working harder and boost your issues.


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Advanced level course


6 hours online plus 3 practical projects which apply your learning in the library.  Most learners take 6-8 weeks to complete, when fitted in with the demands of a library job, but you can choose a faster or slower pace to suit your circumstances.


Every learner has a personal mentor from Opening the Book. Your mentor responds to your work and will support you to get the best out of the course.


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