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Practical outreach

This action-learning course will take you through the steps of targeting, planning and running a small-scale outreach project. You will focus on using the power of the reading experience to make new connections beyond the regular management of books and buildings. The target group and shape of the project will be developed to suit your own circumstances. Your course mentor will support you to undertake a relevant and progressive project that has a measurable impact and lasting value.

On our courses for Library Managers, you will develop a personal relationship with your mentor who will support and stretch your learning every step of the way. Your mentor will help you adapt the course content to your own workplace and shape your coursework so it is relevant to your individual professional situation.

Was £220.00

£200.00 per place

Pay by invoice or by Paypal, credit or debit card.

For managers


6 hours online plus 3 practical projects which apply your learning in the library.  Most learners take 6-8 weeks to complete, when fitted in with the demands of a library job, but you can choose a faster or slower pace to suit your circumstances.


Every learner has a personal mentor from Opening the Book. Your mentor responds to your work and will support you to get the best out of the course.

Course contents

Unit 1: Targeting

Unit 1: Targeting
Unit 1 Targeting
Libraries are vital
Overturning expectations
Reputation check
What reading offers
Who do you want to reach?
Identifying target audiences
The opportunity
Who is most hard to reach?
Selecting your preferences
Narrowing your focus
Your target group
Where are they?
Meeting the readers
What has been tried before?
Finding the right approach
Shaping your ideas
Task One: Project Ideas

Unit 2: Research

Unit 2: Research
Unit Two: Research
The library welcome
A working group
Researching partners
Meeting public service professionals
Professional contexts
Meeting local organisations
Meeting office staff and business
Thinking creatively
Readers first
What's new?
Finding a project name
Task Two: Write a project proposal

Unit 3: Practical Planning

Unit 3: Practical Planning
Unit Three: Strategy
To boldly go
Checking the scale
Making a timetable
Getting help
Selecting books
Managing outreach collections
Preparing a session
Meaningful conversations
Creating links
Collecting feedback
Finding resources
Putting a value on the library contribution
Anticipating problems
Measuring the impact
Task Three: Your project plan
Thank you
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